Road Victims International (RVI) is an NGO firm whose specialty is to educate individuals, drivers, pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and all forms of road users on our roads on the safe use of our busy roads. Our vision is to be an international organization with requisite logistics and poised personnel, ready to help prevent road crashes and seek justice for road traffic crash victims worldwide.

The Road To 2030

The role of Road Victims International in the advocacy area is especially key to achieve targets set by the United Nations and most especially in the developing country like ours where we do most of our work we have organizations and commissions which operate with limited resources. It is hoped that we can bridge the gap in advocating on behalf of road safety and road traffic injury victims, in particular during the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020 and the next decade 2020-2030.

Road traffic crashes take the lives of nearly 1.3 million people every year and disable millions more we have therefore taken this work seriously and will do all we can to fight till all lives are saved.

Our Plan

We plan to work with the Road Safety Commission to closely collaborate on all road safety issues especially to fulfill the aim of the Commission which is a commitment to reducing fatality rate per 10,000 vehicles to a single digit. We work with the Road Safety Commission to undertake nationwide road safety Education, Information and Publicity, to help develop a long term road safety plan and promote road safety research.

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